Homeschool curriculum for 6th grade

It’s surprising that I have changed my mind on what curriculum to use for this year. The entire ’16-’17  year I had thought I would continue with the same curriculum, just going a year up. Nope.

One that I will be sticking with for sure, I’ve already ordered it (Eeee! Waiting for it to come in the mail ) is Apologia Zoology Swimming Creatures of the 5th day. This is the 3rd year for using this series and it just works for us. The notebook is wonderful to go along with the book. I’ve considered buying the kit but, it’s expensive! I did find a kit on that was half the price. It didn’t include everything for the kit so, I’m still debating on whether it was worth it or not.

It came in the mail as you can see.

This site has videos that we will be integrating into the lessons:  Jonathan Bird’s (I’m so glad I wrote this down! I started this post a bit ago and had totally forgotten about using this site until I read it here again!)

Still a complete fan of Teaching Textbooks I wavered on this one but, in the end, I went with Saxon Math 7/6.  The need for a more intensive work, the drills, the mental math, the repetitiveness was all appealing to me and just what she needs. Might I add, that BOTH of these curriculums were created by Oklahomans. Proud of my home state.

I managed to find a great set of used books from our local homeschool resale shop. The Mommy who consigned them included two sets of the drills, tests and investigations. Good on ya other Mom.


Growing with Grammar by JacKris Publishing will be used again. Level 6. The diagramming is a lot of work but, it keeps her working and revisiting. Nice and thorough.


Instead of All About Spelling, which I still think is fabulous, it will be Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary. Also by JacKris Publishing. Our vocabulary usually took care of itself with our reading but, I wanted more intensive spelling and vocab for her this year. She can handle it.Having previously done years of phonics at school she has a good foundation for it. Each spelling word is shown in cursive form next to the regular text with a short definition. 16 list words starting with compound words. There are a full 180 days to work with here.

Again, I’m going to use the word intensive here. I’m encouraging her to do more. She’s good at spelling so I feel confident in her abilities with this. Which is why I grabbed a Wordly Wise when it was on sale for extra if needed. Really pushing that spelling and vocab this year, aren’t I? No, not really but, it’s there if we need it.


Writing: Apologia has Jump In. It states that there is enough material for two years of use. This gives me the opportunity to tailor it to our needs. It keeps things fun and light for reluctant writers.


History: All American vs. Mystery of History 2 / Story of the World 2? The winner is MOH 2 and SOTW 2. All American History will get used in 7th or 8th though.  I get into making an Excel Spreadsheet that lays out what to do each day. It includes how to mesh the two books together for corresponding chapters. I reference this website for that:

I want to figure out how to mesh Drive thru History with it also. Working on that. Will let you know about that if it happens. In the mean time, I have found a few Youtube sites that use video clips to go with each lesson for a little fun. Supplement reading will be from the library. MOH has a suggesting extra reading list in the back of the books.


Reading has become one of my favorite subjects for us. These have already been ordered and are ready and waiting with the movie to watch when we finish.

Little Women.

The Outsiders.

The Indian in the Cupboard.

The Borrowers. I also found the other books in the series that she can read when we are done with the first.

Watership Down. This one is typically read in high school but, we can always revisit it more intensely in the future if necessary. There are so many books out there. Our Co-op used Learning Language Arts through Literature-The Gold Book-British Literature- with the boys. I plan to use it for her when we get there also picking up the other two gold books, American Literature and World Literature. My plans, I have them. We will see, won’t we? They sound good at them time. Make us feel organized to have them. Do they work, pan out? Smh.

and Mary Poppins. Love this one.

Back to They have some other kits I am so excited about. We already did the blood test kits (for fun, ha!) over the summer. I thought it was fun. My daughter was tougher than her two older brothers about getting a quick little jab with a needle.

Next, is a bacteria kit. It has NOTHING to do with the science we are learning this year but, it had to happen. I’m sure I can find some way to mesh them. I am, after all, a homeschool mom.

Teaching kids the importance of washing hands and why we wash our hands. This is a good visual for that. My plan is to use some essential oils to test their claims. We’ll use hand sanitizer too but, I’m more interested in finding out about the essential oils.  I’ll be making a copy cat blend of doTerra’s On Guard and Young Living Thieves Blend to use. I’ve offered to allow any friends who want to bring their products with them to try. We shall see!

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Happy Homeschooling.