Camping or Go Bag Breakfast

Super Easy Camping Breakfast Idea


Whether you’re a camper or a prepper this easy breakfast idea is for you. Now, it’s not organic but, it can be if you need to be! It’s just too simple. For those who don’t want to or can’t spend alot but, love to camp or those who are trying to create a stash for the end of the world, this is for you.  It’s budget friendly. Ready?

Oatmeal and hot cocoa.

How did I come up with this grand idea? Out of need. Mainly, a need for space. Trying to shove things in a backpack isn’t easy. I’m the ‘I don’t have anything to wear when I get out of the shower’ girl that turns into the ‘It won’t all fit into my suitcase when it’s time to go on a trip’ girl.

Now, when I had a vacuum sealer, this worked so well. Someday I will have one again. Someday! It keeps your little pouches all snug and organized and preserved and whatever.

Back to my easy, quick breakfast. Oatmeal and Hot Cocoa. That is what I haven’t seen. Why? Both come in packages and only need hot water to get them going. For the hubs and teen boys I have done 2 and 2 so they get full. But really, put them in a packet and seal it up. How fantastic is that? You hear so much these days about having a 2 week supply of food, well, there ya go. Breakfast is served. You’re welcome.

I am a Sam’s Club girl cause my Daddy pays for my membership every year (thanks Dad!) so, that’s where my price break down will come from.

A 52 Count variety box of Quaker Oatmeal packets is $9.48. That’s $0.1823076923 a packet. Just to be precise.

A 60 count box of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa packets is $4.86. That’s $0.081 a packet. Again, just to be precise.

That’s a total of $14.34. Wow. That goes a long way. You’ll feel like the ninja of money finances and preparedness with that price.

Alright, if this hasn’t got you thinking than this will. That’s around $0.26 a meal or $0.52 if you’re a big eater (2 oatmeal/2 hot cocoa). Two packets of oatmeal and one packet of hot cocoa is $0.44. Whoa.

If you’re crunchy you could make your own oatmeal packets. Even your own cocoa. has a variety of oatmeal combos you can make yourself. You can find that link here.

Then, you have two other meals you can put more money into. I’ll have another post on some of my ideas for those. Anyone like jambalaya?

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  1. Why the heck haven’t I read this yet?! Great blog! Your passion and enthusiasm to save and prepare is inspiring. We need to go to Sam’s! Love you!

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