Trip to Ohio

Recently, we had the opportunity to tag along with my husband on a trip to Ohio. He had to go for a job interview in St. Clairsville, a small town with the interviewing company’s offices stationed there.  This is just where the offices are located and doesn’t involve a physical move  on our part.

The drive up I-77 is gorgeous. It is becoming one of my favorite drives. It was overcast and the fog rolled down to meet the tops of the mountains. I know! Pictures would have been great. Next time. There will be a next time and we will be the annoying people pulling over on the side of the road to take pictures of all the barns and dilapidated houses. I did get some from inside the car and will disperse them through out the post. Like here,  this random bridge I don’t know ’cause I didn’t ask. Anyone know?



It took over 7 hours for us to arrive at our hotel but, Grace and I have to stop frequently. More like 9.5 hours, really.  You know if you stop at Cracker Barrel and eat you have to wonder through the gift shop. I make sure to check out the back corner for the clearance section.

My mother collects salt and pepper shakers and they always seem to have some quirky little set I just have to get her.  This time it’s the whales.  So cute don’t you think?



And these. I have bought three now. One of them I will keep, hopefully. They make the greatest little gifts so, they’ve been hard to hold on to.



Making it to St. Clairsville we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Pulling into the parking lot we knew we were in the hard working country with all the work trucks in the parking lot at fairly nice hotel.  It was just one night and I was really hoping for a good room. Thankfully, it was and I slept pretty well considering. Although, I did have the weirdest dream.

Our last stay at a hotel was of nightmarish proportions that took two months to resolve. Shudder. It was a big leap of faith to try one again.

The pool was closed due to some upkeep but we hadn’t even thought of bringing our swimsuits this time so, no biggee.  My girl, Sissy, is a water baby so, she was more disappointed. But, we had other plans to make her happy.

The next morning I was up before anyone really wanting breakfast.  This one had a  free breakfast (Yay, always love that) with the cutest little older lady manning the kitchen and display. Curly dyed hair with huge glasses, I liked her immediately.

All the fruit had been snatched up already, save for a few red apples so we got muffins, cereal and cinnamon rolls. My daughter was so happy to eat cereal.  It’s been banned at our house for a year now.  My teenage boys buy it with their own money on occasion but, we’ve been doing well without it.  That’s if you ask me, they would tell you it was a form of cruel torture I doled out just to abuse them. Happy calm pic insert for cereal lovers:



It took us over 30 minutes to find the field office of the company Hubby had the interview with. The directions weren’t on any GPS. It took two men unloading food pantry items at their church with an old computer software maps program to get us there. God bless em. They were happy to help. Said they knew a good church if we moved up there. Of course they do!

The name of the church was not displayed on the side of the food pantry building but, I did some research and it was Calvary Presbyterian Church. We came across them after I said a quick little prayer asking God for help with directions. Bam, answered. Love it.

As Hubby was in his interview Sissy and I drove back to the hotel. A billboard for work boots got my attention and I felt that tug. A quiet voice said ‘Go get him some new boots’. I didn’t turn fast enough for the exit so, we went to the hotel and I just couldn’t get it off my mind. Not wanting to stay and lounge at the hotel we hopped back in the car and I started looking for this store. Their was no name on the sign, that I saw, it was a quick pass by, so I headed towards the exit, I did remember that.

Now, everything seems to be centered around I-70 and I-40 which meet and then separate and intersect again then or fifteen miles down the road again. I stayed on 40 and kept my eyes peeled. It wasn’t hard to find, they had big banners draped all across the store front advertising work gear brands. As I was trying to make up my mind, Hubby called saying he got the job! Me and the sales lady did hand signals to hurry and pick the boots that I had been eyeing as ‘the ones’. She was great.

We hid them under a blanket and I had to tell Sissy to hold off cause I wanted to mess with him a little. Needless to say he was happy that his interview went well. The guy he talked to in the waiting room that interviewed before him got the ‘we’ll call you and let you know’.

Hubby was nervous already and making us crack up in the parking lot when we dropped him off. It’s a small world in some fields and they all knew a lot of the same people. It wasn’t the ‘good old boy system’ like it used to be but, it definitely helped him feel more at home. He was hired on the spot. Bam, answered prayer.

We surprised him at a stop for gas with the new boots, which he loved. They fit too. I’m good. Yep. And they were out of the size I suggested but, had it in a wide. That too, helped. The boots tend to run snug so, I figured it was a good chance to take.

Our next plan was to stop by the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum or ‘Unofficial Lego Museum’ in Bellaire, OH but, it was closed! So sad. We were really looking forward to this part of the trip. It was one of the main reasons Sissy and I went on the trip. She took it pretty well, first, no swimming then this.  Poor thing.



We did get some school done on Tues in the car. We homeschool which makes taking her work anywhere so great (See my other post for our curriculum choices for the year) Her math CD wouldn’t work for some reason. Sissy watched movies in the car and occasionally counted semi’s or watched the AMAZING scenery with us.

I think we should all watch more sunsets. There would be a lot more calm people if we would just stop and appreciate sunsets.



It was suggested to us to stop at a Tamarack store but, we didn’t. Maybe next time, right? It’ll happen. I keep telling Hubby we’re going to get an RV and travel. He thinks I won’t last long but, who wouldn’t like taking your bathroom with you?

I could drive one. Totally.