Writing a Book

Let me tell you a story. Almost two years ago, I wrote a  YA fiction book. Around 49,000 words, no, I can tell you exactly how many, hold on a sec.

Okay, so I was wrong. 41,200 words. This book contained my heart. I’ve never worked on anything like that in my life. The characters I created were woven into my being. I knew them. The emotions I felt when I thought about their story, what they were going to go through. The tragedy, the love. Oh! Yea, well, I can’t feel it anymore.

After having my book critiqued by some other Goodreads authors I was crushed. How could they say those things? Part of me knew they were somewhat right. The other part of me felt like they enjoyed, took real pleasure in, desecrating my soul.

It wasn’t that bad. I just took it bad. Putting it on a shelf after I sat in front of my laptop day after day, opening and closing my Scrivener software, I realized I had no idea how to change my book. Being so emotionally invested blinded me to any ingenuity it would take to improve on an already great idea.

Fast forward through most of 2016, everyone wants this to happen when remembering 2016, this urge came over me to get it back out again. With a fresh set of eyes I started to go over my story. It kinda sucked. I still liked the concept and the characters but, my writing needed help.

What I decided was, structure. Structure would give me the guidelines I needed to learn to be a better writer.  My Pinterest board had 232 pins from other writers. Surely this would be a segway to an epiphany.  All of the articles, blogs and charts confused me after a while. Too many opinions. The proverb: ‘wisdom in a multitude of counselors’ has a limit to it. Although, one has truly made of difference. I will tell you more about this particular one in an upcoming post.

This is my journey to writing my first book. I won’t be alone this time.  As if the heavens opened, I believe in my case they did, the help needed dropped in my lap on Dec. 6th.  Another author gave away a grand prize publishing deal at the launch party of his new book. That’s right. They called my name. Kary Oberbrunner and his AuthorAcademyElite.com  burst on the scene. Here’s the link on my Facebook page. What a life changing moment.

This is the first post of many to come, hopefully. Surely. I have every intention of it. Really.